Our dogs


The boys

Dreaming of you Phantom ( Work on top Kate  x  Fban du val du vent doré )

FCI and ISDS pedigree.

Date of birth ; 24 March 2017.

Bleu merle tri  (Malthese merle / hidden merle) , carries brown .

Hips A , OCD 0/0 and ED 0/0 .

Dna tested normall for Tns, Ncl 5, Cea/ch ,Sn, Rs, GG, Mdr1 and Igs.

Eye tested clear, also Glaucoma free.

Phantom is a nice young dog, he is build very nice, he is agile and fast, loves to work and play.

He is active in agility grade 3 and flyball first division, he and his team won the Belgian championship Flyball in 2019.

He also has a natural tendycy to work with sheep , he passes this natural drivers instinct to his puppies .


 Connor Monpeja " Flash " ( Corny Amicus Miris x Rising Sun Dark Raider )

FCI pedigree.

Date of birth ; 5 August 2017.

Black tri color, dna tested for Brown : B/B, D Locus D/D and ELocus and is E/E .

Hips A , OCD 0/0 and ED 0/0.

DNA tested normal for Tns, Ncl 5, Cea/ch , Rs, Ns , Mdr1  and Igs , Carrier of GG.

Eye tested clear ,also Glaucoma free.

Flash is a nice young dog and all i ever wanted ,he is really my dog , my shaow , my everthing  :)

He loves to work , is very fast and agile and loves to play.

He is active in agility grade 2 and get trained for  Flyball.


The Girls .

Never never land 'L Clean run " Kischa"

Fci and isds pedigree.

Date of birth; 10 April 2011.

Black tri , carries brown .

Hips B.

Tns and cl free.

Dna Cea carrier.

Dna IGS and GG free.

Glaucoom free.

Agility grade 3 , Flyball and a little bit herding .

Very smart and active dog ho lives to please her master .

She has been selected several times for the Belgian championship agility.She participated in the EO agility at Rieden in 2015 and was selected for EO agility in 2017, but did not participate because her boss had an injury. Kisha has won many major tournaments like the Master agility cup final in Emmedingen in 2015 and many other competions .

Selected for first the first World cup Flyball (2018)  !!!!

Dreaming of you Qute Nova ( Make my day F.A.C. x Armatis Jolly Josh ) .

FCI pedigree.

Date of birth ; 4 February 2017 .

Black and white ; Carrier of brown.

Hips A and ED 0/0

Free by parentage of Tns,cea, cl, igs, mdr1 .

We have nova in co-ownership for 1 litter .She is active in agility and loves to do tricks.

Nova is very sweet ,smart , super social, loves to work and play , is fast and agile .



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