On 10 February 6 beautifull puppies were born in the late evening , 4 females (3 black/ white and 1 brown /white) and 2 boys (black/white). Since we only have 1 litter with Nova , we used 2 males in the hope of keeping a puppy from both combinations , but from the dates of the matings and of the date of birth ,and also the colors of the puppies ,we suspect that Connor Monpeja is the father of all puppies . Of course the puppies will  also  be DNA tested to know for sure who the father is .

The puppies will receive an FCI pedigree and Europen passport , the puppies will be dewormed several times and get all required vaccinations. They are born in the living room and grow up there with other dogs, cats , childeren and all the sounds that a household brings . For the moment we have 2 boys available and maybe 1 girl. For more info contact me at Nyscathy123@gmail.com

Girl 1 (1)
Boy 1 (1)
Boy2 (2)
Girl 2 (1)
girl 3 (2)
Girl 4 (3)

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